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Brothel Jobs Sydney


Escorts & Sex Workers can rent rooms in Sydney’s busiest female run brothel

Are you 18 to 38 years of age, size 6 to 14, attractive and motivated?

Are you looking for a better lifestyle, with financial security?

Are you a student, single mum, or just looking for a flexible lifestyle that provides the income you need?

Come and earn your lifestyle with the income you desire.



KERRY ON 0417 243 702




Adult work opportunities available now at Sydney’s Premier Female Run Brothel

We provide consultation with our accountant to help you get the most out of your earnings, manage finances, plan for a future.

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    Are you earning what you should be in your brothel job in Sydney?

    Working in a brothel can be a financially rewarding job, especially once you find the right place to work. As an experienced Service Provider, you need to ask yourself if you’re making as much money as you could be making by working at Ma Belle Cheri.  

    With an established client base of regulars, as well as new clients, your earning potential not only skyrockets, but you have job security as well.  

    We also provide accountant consultations to help you get the most out of your earnings, manage finances and plan for the future. 

    Benefits of adult work opportunities at Ma Belle Cheri

    As well as being one of the best paid jobs in Sydney, we offer a range of benefits for our Service Providers such as

    Shift Flexibility Female Owned & Managed Safe & Friendly Environment Established Clientele
    No Uniform Expenses On the Job Training Clean, Modern Premises

    Ma Belle Cheri is one of Sydney’s only female-run brothels with years of experience in Australian brothel work. Being owned and operated by women, we offer a key difference in how we operate – we want to support and empower you with a safe and friendly workplace. Find out more about why you should work in a female-run brothel. 

    As part of our support, we offer flexibility so that you can work shifts that fit your schedule. Whether it’s getting kids ready for school or attending lectures at university, our flexibility ensures that you can maintain a work-life balance.  

    A key benefit of working with women who have experience in the industry means that you can get training and tips on how to present yourself, style your lingerie, get the most out of introductions with clients. 

    Finally, we really care about the safety and security of both our Service Providers and clients. We have strong safety procedures in place, including security cameras, a vetting process at the door and a no-tolerance policy for violence.

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    What our Service Providers Have to Say

    “Working for myself at Ma Belle Cheri continues to give me many wonderful opportunities, including the work/life balance that allows me the freedom to pursue my true passion in jewellery making and creating a business for myself whilst still having the luxury of generating income at Ma Belle Cheri which then allows me to transfer these monies into my new jewellery business while it is in the initial start-up phase. I still live a very comfortable lifestyle that includes flexibility and downtime to keep my creative juices flowing.”

    – Nadia


    “As a single mother working for myself at Ma Belle Cheri allows me the flexibility and financial security to provide for my son’s education and being able to spend quality time with him and my family throughout the many milestones along the way. The staff and management are very supportive and encouraging which inspires me to make longer term goals to which I know are very achievable.

    – Taya


    “Working at Ma Belle Cheri has been a fantastic experience for me. I have been able to put myself through my entire further education debt free. I am able to take many exotic holidays and always have a reliable car and many special moments in my life.”

    – Elena


    “As a single lady in my early thirties my dream has always been to own my own little federation home. Since working for myself at Ma Belle Cheri I have seen an enormous acceleration in my savings and I can feel the excitement growing. Ma Belle Cheri have also put me in touch with their very helpful accountant who assures me if I continue with the momentum that I am currently on my dream will be achieved sooner than I realise.”

    – Jamie


    “Ma Belle Cheri has always allowed me to feel empowered and safe and secure in a well run and supportive environment. My guilty pleasure in life has always been to travel to amazing and exciting destinations whilst allowing myself to come back home to my fulfilling lifestyle in Australia. I enjoy the flexibility and freedom of working for myself and can’t ever imagine working anywhere else. Adventure and freedom rule in my universe and Ma Belle Cheri is my key to this dream.”

    – Bree


    “Working at Ma Belle Cheri allows me time to complete my university degree while also earning a great income each week. In two days I earn more than I would in a week at my previous jobs. Also, the flexibility of choosing what shifts you work means I have a great work life balance and am able to get everything I want done. This has been life changing for me and I am so happy.”

    – Sophia

    How to work for yourself in a brothel

    The first step to getting a good, well-paying job in the adult industry is to find a brothel that will be a good fit for you.  

    Next, you’ll need to get in contact with them and sit for an interview to make sure you’re well suited. In reality, sex work is not for everyone which is one of the reasons we like to have a chat with you before you get started. You’ll also get a taste for what our facilities are like at the interview.   

    If you’d like to get a job at a female-run, premier brothel in Sydney, please text or call Kathy on 0419 999 249, or Kerry on 0417243702. Alternatively, you can fill out our form.  

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