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Health and Safety Guidelines at Ma Belle Cheri

The safety of both the workers and clients is the most important part of keeping Ma Belle Cheri running. It is our duty to ensure our premises are safe to enter, the clients and Service Providers are not exposed to risks to their health and safety. Let’s face it, a brothel can look shiny and inviting on the outside, but if the ladies and clients don’t feel safe inside, then it’s not a success.

“As well as being a legal brothel, Ma Belle Cheri gives a lot of attention to keeping a high standard of health and safety. This makes me feel secure and valued when I come to work”

– Cartier

Working in a brothel is the same as working in any other working environment and the ladies and employees have a right to a safe, comfortable, and clean working environment.

Safety at NSW Brothels

New South Wales is privileged in the fact that there are multiple authorised agencies in place to help protect brothels.

Agencies in place to help protect Brothels in New South Wales include NSW Health, NSW Health Public Health Units and local government.

Not only are there agencies to ensure the workers and clients are safe, but the Public Health Act 2010, ensures that owners and managers of any premises providing sexual services are aware of their duties required.

How we Keep You Safe at Ma Belle Cheri

Ma Belle Cheri is one of the only female-run brothels in Sydney, we have years of experience in the adult industry and provide a safe and friendly brothel for both experienced Service Providers and women who are new to the industry.

Female-run brothels tend to be more inviting and friendly; this makes the ladies and clients feel more at home and protected. Furthermore, with a female-run brothel, the owners have often been where the ladies are now and know what made them feel safe when they were in their position.

Each lady will look for a different aspect of a brothel that makes her feel safe, for one lady it may be cleanliness, another may find enhanced security or flexible working hours helps them feel secure.

“As well as a hygienic environment, I look for a brothel that is well managed and secure. I find being able to see a client before I meet them very reassuring”

– Tory

Ma Belle Cheri strives to make every lady feel safe with a supportive environment that listens to their needs and concerns.

Safe Sex

All the ladies and clients at Ma Belle Cheri are legally required to practice safe sex, on all services including oral services.

Alongside this, all of the Service Providers at Ma Belle Cheri are required to undergo sexual health checks every three months and then provide us with a copy of their certificate. We are very diligent in looking after both the ladies’ and the clients’ health. Upon meeting a client our Service Providers also perform a visual “health check” on their client prior to the commencement of the booking.

Our Purpose-Built Facility

Ma Belle Cheri was designed with our staff, Service Providers and clients in mind, we have the best facilities for everyone’s comfort.

Part of our purpose-built facility includes a private undercover car park for everyone. This means no parking far away in a public car park with a long walk to the entrance. We have private discrete VIP introduction rooms and there are secure money and clothes lockers provided for the Service Providers.

The ladies’ benefit from a private lounge area, make-up area, private showers, toilets and an excellent kitchen and food preparation area. There are also coded security doors, so Service Providers can feel safe and secure.

Health and Safety During the Coronavirus Outbreak

During normal circumstances, we maintain a highly hygienic environment, however we have increased our hygiene measures to further minimise the risk of COVID-19. Your safety as well as the safety of the clients is paramount.

Something we have changed is our conditions of entry to comply and keep everyone inside our establishment safe, we temperature check everyone upon entry, including staff, Service Providers, clients, and other visitors. Anyone with a temperature higher than 38°C or anyone who has recently travelled overseas or to any of the current hot spots will be refused entry.

Inside our premises, we have displayed safety plan instructions on how to wash your hands effectively and social distancing guidelines. We also have floor and seating markers to show the appropriate distance everyone should maintain.

During these times we are limiting unnecessary contact, this includes handshaking and touching whilst meeting Service Providers and kissing during any services is currently not permitted.

Service Providers are provided with COVID Safe cleaning equipment. Waiting rooms are regularly cleaned by our receptionist and private rooms are cleaned by Service Providers before and after each client.

Keeping you safe is our top priority, whether it is security or health. Give us a call to find out more about the health and safety of Ma Belle Cheri. To discover the difference working for an elite female-run brothel can make, call or text Cathy or Kerry on 0488 811 165, or email

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