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Why Adult Industry Workers Should be Respected

When a large part of society views a profession as unethical or morally incorrect, those who work in that industry can often be disadvantaged.

Sex Work is Work

The reason many Adult Industry workers prefer the identifier “Service Provider” over prostitute or escort is that it reinforces the fact that what they are doing is work. Sex workers are adults, commonly but not exclusively women, who receive payments in exchange for consensual sexual services. Just like working in an office, a fast-food restaurant or in retail, Adult Services is a career. It is not inherently bad or unethical any more than any other career.

People get into sex-work for several different reasons, they may enjoy the economic freedom that comes with sex-work or the flexibility of choosing their own hours. Sex workers feel empowered in this industry. Whatever the reason that leads Adult Industry workers to commit to this profession, it is a career they have chosen, and it should be respected.

Sydney Brothel Laws

Laws around prostitution are different in each Australian state, New South Wales has the most liberal legislation in Australia on adult industry services. It is almost wholly decriminalised and has represented the community so well that other states in Australia and New Zealand have replicated the New South Wales model. Brothels in Sydney and the rest of New South Wales must be registered, this allows them to be regulated and makes them far safer for both the Service Providers, employees and clients according to the Work Health and Safety Act 2011

Adult Industry Workers Rights

Adult Industry workers includes a variety of job roles, most people may think this exclusively covers Service Providers.  In Sex Service Premises you will also find security cameras, administrative personnel, receptionists, cleaners, managerial staff and any in-house roles, such as accounts or marketing.  All of these job roles demand the same respect that you would give to another employee in a different establishment. Whether they describe their workplace as a brothel, bordello, Gentlemen’s Club or Sex Service Premises, they have the right to work there and are entitled to the same work benefits as other companies.

Adult Industry Workers are Important in Society

Fundamentally, the Adult Industry is an important industry in society. If there was no need for Sex Service Providers, they would not exist to provide a service. Over 25% of all men in Australia have paid for sex in their lives. The reason men choose to pay for sex varies and is personal to each man or woman. Service Providers have experienced many reasons they have been sought, “Some clients wanted to be more confident in bed, some were upset to still be virgins, others simply hadn’t had sex in a while. Most clients prefer the uncomplicated experience in preference to a relationship and some seek more variety in their sex life”. It is not just men who visit sex-workers for their services, some women enjoy paying for sex as well, confessed an anonymous sex worker online.

Sydney Sex Service Premises are Safe

Western media traditionally portray Sex Service Premises as establishments run by unscrupulous people, where the workers are taken advantage of and the clients are at risk.  In reality, Sex Service Premises are completely different. Since Sex Service Premises were legalised in 1988, they have become more regulated. They enjoy a co-operative relationship with local law enforcement and generally attract a responsible clientele.

Sex Service Premises care for the Service Providers and clientele ensuring that doors closed during the coronavirus pandemic to prevent contamination. When they were permitted to open again, they made sure to do so in a sensible Covid-compliant manner, with one-way systems and temperature screening of Service providers and clientele. Sex Service Premises practice safe-sex, hence they are a safer environment, they are not damaging to the community. Adult Industry workers deserve the same amount of respect as everyone else who works in the community.

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