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What Happens in a Brothel on a Typical Shift?

Are you wondering what a typical shift in a brothel really looks like? Beyond the stereotypes and myths surrounding brothel work, there is a lot of mystery around what happens in a brothel, especially behind the scenes.  

You might have heard about the many benefits to being a Service Provider at Ma Belle Cheri. These include earning a lot of cash quickly, flexible hourssecurity and freedom. Sounds great doesn’t it? However, if you’ve never been to a brothel before, you might wonder what actually happens once you step inside.  

Starting your shift in a brothel

You begin the shift by greeting our receptionist. She’s there to greet clients, process payments and take phone calls. While our receptionists help to manage the business and bookings, their top priority is you and the other Service Providers.  She is there to assist you; ensure you feel safe and look out for your well-being.  Being part of a female owned and operated brothel, our receptionists know how important it is to give you the support you need.  After greeting the receptionist, it’s time to prepare for the shift. 

Preparation for the shift 

While Covid-19 is a concern, we’ve added safety measures that will protect you and others from contamination. Part of our Covid-19 Safety Plan is for you and the other Service Providers to shower when you enter the building for the shift 

After this, the makeup room is where you’ll do most of your preparation.  Here you’ll be able to style your hair and put on your outfit. When you’re happy with your preparation, you can then relax in the private ladies’ lounge.  


Meeting clients in a brothel 

When a client arrives, the receptionist will greet them and show them to the private VIP waiting room. You have the right of refusal should you know someone;  you are able to view the clients on CCTV prior to meeting them.  The receptionist will ensure they feel comfortable and then, when the client is ready, the receptionist will introduce you and the other ladies one by one. You’ll have the chance to make your first impression, get to know the client and negotiate your service.  

Ladies that are friendly and engaging with the clients tend to make more money and become highly successful. 

Once you and the other ladies have all met the client, they’ll tell the receptionist in private who they have chosen. The receptionist will then let you know if you’ve been selected. If you have been selected, you’ll show him to your prepared room where you’ll perform an STI check before he showers.  

 You’ll receive your money at the time of every booking so you know exactly how much  

 you earn throughout a shift.  


What happens between clients? 

After your booking with a client is finished, you’ll escort them out, say goodbye and then you’ll need to prepare for the next client. This includes making sure you and your room are presentable for the next client.  


At the start of the shift, you’ll be provided with a clean and presentable room to use. This will have fresh sheets and towels for your first client.  After each client, it will be your responsibility to refresh the room so it is ready for the next booking. This includes replacing the towels and straightening up the sheets.  

Waiting & relaxing 

After you have attended to your room, you’ll have some extra time before your next booking. During this time, you can relax in the private ladies’ lounge. How you choose to relax is up to you; you could read a book, watch TVstudy for school or even build a business. 


As we have a large regular client base, the typical shift at Ma Belle Cheri could see you earning more than other jobs would pay in a week. Do you have more questions about being a Service Provider in a brothel? Text (0488 811 165) or call (0419 999 249) and we’ll be more than happy to answer your questions in complete confidentiality.  

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