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What is it Really Like to Work in a Bordello?

There are so many myths and misconceptions surrounding what it is like to work in a bordello. How the adult industry is portrayed in movies and magazines doesn’t really reflect the reality of the lifestyle of sex workers. Unlike other work, it can improve your lifestyle enormously in a short period of time.

Working in a bordello can mean that you are able to reach your goals, whether that is to travel the world, start your own business or get through university. The freedom such work provides is incredibly empowering. And, you aren’t in it alone – the community of women you work with is supportive and motivating.

Enjoy flexibility and freedom

One of the biggest benefits of working in a bordello is the flexibility and freedom that you get. This includes financial freedom and the flexibility to choose your own hours. When combined, these two things provide a lifestyle that is extremely empowering.

Earn lots of cash, and quickly

Working in a bordello means you can make money fast. Starting work in the evening, you could have made many hundreds before the night is done. This means that instead of struggling to pay bills or credit card debt, you could be saving for property or sending your children to private schools.

Many sex workers have been able to finish university debt-free or travel the world. Being able to earn a week’s pay in a single day is incredibly liberating and the work offers a secure lifestyle as well.

Choose your own hours

Having the flexibility to choose your own hours allows you to maintain a work-life balance and do the things that matter to you most. Working in a bordello means that you can tailor your schedule to fit in around your children, your studies or your passions.

Whether you only want to work a day a week, or more, you’ll be able to tailor this to fit in around your individual lifestyle.

Learning along the way

It’s not just money and time that you gain when you work in a bordello, you attain life skills along the way.

Being able to create rapport with clients develops people skills that are transferable for the future. Expanding on your emotional intelligence as well as communication abilities means that you’ll have traits that are extremely desirable should you wish for a change of profession down the track.

You’ll also gain a huge amount of confidence in yourself as well as resilience. Especially with female managed bordellos, the atmosphere is nurturing and supportive rather than isolating which means you are able to grow as a person alongside other successful women.

So, are you ready for a lifestyle change?

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