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Work For Yourself

Ultimate Work for Uni Students; The No.1 Choice for Flexibility & High Income for Students

As a student, we know you’re trying to juggle classes, studying, making money, seeing friends, and partying!  Finding the right balance between all of these is a challenge, especially as universities recommend that you work no more than 15 hours a week. Not exactly enough to pay the bills… 

The biggest challenge is finding a position that pays well, is flexible, allows study time, provides more than sufficient income and still leaves time to enjoy your life. While your friends may be working as receptionists, in bars or in retail, these positions require a lot of hours to make enough money just to cover bills. 

Here at Ma Belle Cheri, we’re offering the perfect opportunity for students to satisfy all these needs allowing you all the right choices.  

What is the highest paying choice for a student? 

The highest paying choice is for a student is as a Service Provider in a brothel. While it’s not a choice that suits everyone, it offers incredible flexibility with high earning potential.  

Many Service Providers are able to finish university debt-free without giving up their life for long hours in a restaurant or office. The ability to earn a week’s pay in a single day, while in a safe environment, is incredibly liberating.  

Working as a Service Provider, also offers a number of other benefits beyond being the highest paying choice for students/trainees, here is your chance why not?

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The benefits of working in a brothel for people studying/training 

As a student or trainee, working as a Service Provider in a brothel offers a number of benefits for your lifestyle and is an efficient way to work towards your life & financial goals.  

It’s a flexible part-time choice 

Here at Ma Belle Cheri, we know that flexibility is important to you. That’s why we offer the flexibility for you to choose your own hours to maintain a work-life balance suitable to you. That means you can tailor your schedule to fit your studies.  

We don’t expect you to work full-time hours. Whether you only want to work a day a week, or more, we’re happy to tailor this to fit around your lifestyle. 

It’s a great choice for people with no experience 

We’ve all read a job descriptions with basic pay that expect years of experience. Even restaurants now require prior hospitality experience for roles. 

However, as a Service Provider at Ma Belle Cheri, we’re happy to guide you through the process of working in a brothel and don’t expect years of experience to give you that opportunity. We’re more focused on making sure this work will be a good choice for you.  

You will be supported by our amazing managers and receptionists, most of whom have experienced working in the industry.

You can leave University debt-free with a high-income 

Even good jobs for uni students will often only be enough to pay living expenses while you’re at university. However, working as a Service Provider gives you the opportunity to leave university completely debt-free.  

This provides the financial freedom to start your career without the burden of student debt, allowing you to focus on the important things in life, rather than living hand to mouth.  

Working as a Service Provider at Ma Belle Cheri means that you can make a substantial income in a short period of time. 

Find the right balance between work and study 

It’s not uncommon for students to hold down 2-3 jobs while also trying to study, just to be able to pay their bills or save to travel. When you’re working so much, it doesn’t leave much time to do readings, let alone study for upcoming exams. 

However, as a Service Provider, you don’t need to do as many hours to be able to make the same amount and more money.  Leaving you with more time to study, and even extra time to spend doing what you love.  

Develop key skills that are sought after by future employers 

As a Service Provider, it’s not just time and money that you gain. You also develop life skills along the way.  

Working with clients, you practice building rapport, communication skills, confidence, presentation and more. All skills that are not taught in class but provide you with a great advantage in the workplace.  

Work for Yourself!

The best job for international students

Is it easy to find a job as an international student? 

Job hunting is always hard, but for international students, it’s even more difficult and frustrating. Often employers are hesitant to hire international students as there is uncertainty about the longevity of their employment and their right to work. Instead, they feel safer training new employees that are likely to stay for longer.

What is the best job for international students in Sydney? 

Here at Ma Belle Cheri, we want to empower women, including international students, to be able to focus on their studies, their travels and their families, no matter their background.  

That’s why the best choice for international students in Sydney is working as a Service Provider here at Ma Belle Cheri.  

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