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Why Working in a Female-Run Brothel Makes a Huge Difference!

Ma Belle Cheri is one of Sydney’s only female-run brothels with years of experience in the adult industry. We are a safe and friendly brothel for women who are new to the industry or for women looking for a premier brothel experience.

Working in a brothel that is owned and operated by women has a number of benefits. Having women on hand that understand and have been where you have provides a huge difference. We support you, empower you and ensure you have a safe and friendly workplace. We don’t want this to just be a job to make ends meet, rather a means to an end.

We are Here to Support and Empower You

Whether you are looking to pay your way through university or send your children to a premier school, here at Ma Belle Cheri, we want to help you achieve your goals. By choosing a female-owned and run brothel, you will not only be working in an up-market environment, you will know you have the support you need.

By working in a reliable and well-respected Sydney brothel, you will be earning big dollars, while also developing your people skills, confidence and resilience. We have found that with a supportive environment, Service Providers have heightened their emotional intelligence and learnt important skills that have helped them in other facets of their life.

We also have an accountant that we can introduce you to and help support you in working towards your financial goals. Although you can always use your own accountant, we make sure you are set up to succeed.

We Create a Safe and Friendly Environment

Female-run brothels tend to be more inviting and friendly as they offer a woman’s touch. At Ma Belle Cheri, we ensure that you are always our first priority; whether it’s your comfort, safety or flexibility. Importantly our premises are always sparkling clean and we have a great rapport between management and the Service Providers.

We believe that having a safe and friendly environment where women feel comfortable attracts better clients. Being a reputable and legal brothel, you can practice your profession in total security and discretion with well-behaved clients who know how to treat a lady.

With a comfortable place to relax between bookings, security cameras monitoring the building, clean facilities and your general wellbeing our priority, you will quickly realise the difference working in a female-owned and operated brothel can make for your safety and happiness.

We Understand the Industry

Working in a female-run brothel doesn’t just mean that management has a feminine touch, they have also been where you are now. Ma Belle Cheri’s management team understand the industry inside and out. Being women, they understand any problems from a female perspective.

This is especially important when it comes to family emergencies, they are generally more supportive and sympathetic with scheduling. We can adjust shifts to suit childcare or studies.

However, we also know that this industry does not suit everyone. We talk to all of our applicants to understand why they want to pursue this career and ensure they are mentally and emotionally prepared to work in the industry.

Whether you are new or you already have experience in the sex industry, Ma Belle Cheri is a welcoming and legal brothel house in Sydney. As one of Sydney’s only female-run brothels, we offer a supportive environment where you will make serious money, be supported and stay safe, physically and mentally.

If you’d like to experience the difference a female-run brothel makes first hand, you can text Cathy or Kerry on 0488 811 165, or email

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