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What are Sex Worker Rights in NSW?

When you’re working in a brothel, it’s important to know your sex worker rights. A legal brothel in NSW will ensure that all of your rights are protected and that you feel safe. By choosing to work in a high-class brothel in Sydney, especially a female-run brothel, you can be sure that they will look after you and even go above and beyond your legal rights.

Your Legal Rights While Working in a Brothel in Sydney

Each state in Australia has slightly different legislation when it comes to operating as a legal brothel and what rights service providers have. For NSW, these rights include consent, client cleanliness, client behaviour, workplace health & safety, payment, and shifts.


First and foremost, you will be treated with respect, and that includes consent. You are in charge of your body and will never be forced to provide a service that you aren’t comfortable with and don’t give consent for.

Ma Belle Cheri takes consent  seriously.  We encourage service negotiation with the clients before proceeding with a booking. And, if a client doesn’t behave respectfully, the management team at Ma Belle Cheri are on hand to help.

Client Cleanliness

Cleanliness and hygiene  is a priority for any high-class brothel. This not only includes clean facilities but your hygiene and client hygiene as well. In Sydney, legal brothels require clients to shower before their booking and to wear a condom during the services.

Our purpose-built premises include ensuite showers for clients and space to perform STI inspections before their booking. We also have a ‘condoms only’ policy and require the service providers to have quarterly health checks.

Client behaviour

A client should always act gentlemanly and treat you with consideration. It is your right to work in a safe and happy environment,  a legal brothel will ensure this is the case.

Ma Belle Cheri has a zero-tolerance policy for misbehaviour and disrespect. We turn away any clients that come to the premises drunk or disorderly, however, the majority of people who frequent our establishment are respectful and friendly. If you do have cause to complain about a client, simply report them to management and it will be dealt with properly.

Workplace health & safety

Legally, a brothel in Sydney is obligated to ensure that all workplace health and safety measures are up kept and that you work in an environment that doesn’t expose you to any risks that would affect your health.

As our establishment is purpose-built, we have ensured that safety and comfort is a priority. Just as in any other job, you have the right to a safe, comfortable and clean working environment. We also have measures in place to minimise risks to you and security cameras to ensure that a potential problem can be dealt with swiftly.


As a sex worker you are paid by the client for your agreed services. We ensure you receive payment for the services you provide at the time of the booking.

Shifts & breaks

Here at Ma Belle Cheri, you choose your own hours. This allows for flexibility and you can maintain a work-life balance without missing out on the things that matter to you most. We also have a lounge area for you to relax and refresh yourself between bookings.

Knowing your rights as a sex worker is  important. Remaining safe and healthy at your workplace should be a given, but if an establishment doesn’t take your rights seriously, it’s time to look for another brothel that values you and treats you with respect.

If you’re looking for a brothel job in Sydney that will respect your rights, Ma Belle Cheri is the place for you. Text Cathy or Kerry on 0488 811 165, alternatively, email

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