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Your Rights As A Sex Worker

As a sex worker in a legal brothel, your rights and safety are protected. You can fully expect clients to behave as gentlemen and treat you with consideration.

No sex worker can ever be forced into providing an act to which she does not give her consent. Remember that YOU are in charge and when you say no–NO MEANS NO! safe protected sex is the norm and not the exception.

Legally speaking, working in the sex industry as a self-employed contractor is a profession just like any other, as a self-employed contractor working in a legal brothel, you have RIGHTS!
Some (but not all) of these rights are;

#1 No Means No

Any client you see must have your consent.

#2 Clean Clients

It is the right of every sex worker to be clean and healthy. In a registered legal brothel, clients are required to shower before they can enjoy the offered services.

#3 STD Checks & Condoms

Legal brothels will enforce a ‘condoms only’. As extra security for the health of everybody, service providers are required to have quarterly health checks.

#4 Working conditions

Just as in any other job, the service provider has the right to a safe, comfortable and clean working environment.

#5 Payment

Sex workers have the right to expect fair and prompt payment for the services they provide.

#6 Client Behaviour

In the unlikely case that you should have cause to complain about a client, simply report them to management.

Working in a legal brothel should be a safe and happy experience for all service providers. If an establishment does not appear to take your rights, your personal safety and wellbeing seriously, or the general appearance and level of cleanliness is in any way substandard; you are under no obligation to work there. If this happens – look for another brothel that recognises your true value and treats you as you deserve to be treated.