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How Ma Belle Cheri is Keeping Clients and Service Providers Safe from Covid-19

During these difficult times, the well being of service providers, staff, clients and other visitors is our priority. For that reason, we’ve worked with NSW Health to design and implement a tailor-made safety plan that will minimise the risk of Covid-19 and keep us all safe.  

As a part of our registered plan, we have a range of different safety procedures in place that will minimise potential exposure. These include new conditions of entry, physical distancing guidelines and additional hygiene and cleaning practices.  

Conditions of entry 

Our requirements for entry have changed to ensure that we are keeping everyone inside our premises safe. If you’re unwell or experiencing symptoms of Covid-19, we do ask that you self-isolate and get tested with a negative result before returning to our establishment.  

Temperature checks & entry questionnaire 

Upon entry, everyone, including staff, clients and any other visitors, will have their temperature checked. They’ll also be asked a few questions and will be required to fill out a contact tracing form. Anyone who has a temperature of 38°C or higher, or is displaying flu-like symptoms (such as a cough, sore throat or breathing difficulty) will be asked to leave and get tested. Similarly, for anyone who has recently travelled overseas or to Melbourne.  

Adherence to instructions & signage 

As you enter our premises you will need to follow our safety plan and instructions. We have signs throughout the building that will assist you in keeping to our safety plan. These include how to effectively wash your hands and social distancing guidelines. Our staff are also fully trained and will be able to explain the details of our plan to you.  


Physical distancing 

An important factor of our Covid-19 safety plan is maintaining an appropriate distance from others and minimising unnecessary contact.  

Floor and seating markers 

We have floor and seating markers in place through the premises that show the appropriate distance everyone should maintain from others. Where possible, we are also limiting each waiting room to 1 client at a time and no more than 1 person per 4 square metres. Please follow the guidelines in place for waiting areas as well as private facilities.  

Limited face to face contact 

To ensure the safety of both service providers and clients, we are limiting any unnecessary contact. This includes any handshaking or touching while service providers introduce themselves. Kissing is not permitted at this time and service providers will negotiate services that limit face to face contact.  

Standard STI health checks will still be required and gloves and masks will be provided for service providers while they do these checks.  


Hygiene and cleaning 

During normal circumstances, we maintain a hygienic environment with regular cleaning. We have put extra measures in place in order to further minimise the risk of Covid-19.  

Cleaning and sanitising  

As well as our standard cleaning equipment, we have provided disposable gloves for all cleaning processes and that common areas, such as waiting rooms, will be regularly cleaned by our receptionist. 

Service providers are responsible for cleaning their room before and after each client. They’ll also maintain their own personal hygiene by showering on entrance and after each service.  

Clients will be asked to shower before and after the booking and will have their clothes stored in containers that can be easily cleaned before each use.  

Personal protection equipment 

As well as being supplied gloves for cleaning and masks for conducting standard STI checks, service providers will be provided with a dental dam for any mutual oral. Condoms and lube (in individual packaging) are provided and face masks are available on request.  

Handling of money 

Credit or EFTPOS payments are our preferred method of payment. However, if a client does wish to pay by cash, our receptionist will ask them to place the money in a container where it can be sprayed with antibacterial spray before it’s handled.  

We also recommend that if a service provider is tipped, they put on a pair of gloves before handling the money.   


We understand that many people still have concerns since lockdown which is why we worked closely with NSW Health to ensure we are maintaining a safe environment for service providers and clients alike. We ‘d like to thank everyone for adhering to our policies so that everything can return to normal as soon as possible.