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The Key to Choosing the Right Brothel to Work In

Choosing which is the best brothel for you to work in is not a decision you should take lightly. Working in the right brothel will make the difference between a happy and profitable lifestyle or a negative experience.  

There are a few things you should consider when choosing which is the right brothel for you.  If an establishment is managed well, not only will you treated well but you’ll receive support from both management and the other service providers.  


How to choose the right brothel to work in 

Whether you’re saving for a house, university or to travel, you want your work as a Service Provider to be a positive experience.  By choosing a well-managed brothel your time will race by and you’ll be leading the fantastic lifestyle you’re striving for.  

Unless you know what you’re looking for, choosing the right brothel can be a challenging task.  However, by doing your research and following our tips, you’ll find an establishment that looks after you as well as their clients. 

Make sure it’s a legal brothel 

Choosing a legal brothel in Sydney will make sure the premises are hygienic you can work in a safe and secure environment. Legal and approved premises have a plan of management and follow Work Safe Guidelines NSW regarding health and safety. In the current Covid-19 world, legal brothels will follow a registered Covid-safe business plan. 

Choose a female-run brothel 

Once you’re sure that the brothel is legal, the next thing you should consider is their management. Opting for a female run brothel will mean that they understand the profession and will see any issues from a female point of view.  

Female-run brothels are typically more understanding and supportive. They also understand the importance of developing a safe and nurturing environment.

Is it an elite brothel? 

Take the time to find an elite establishment with a high-class reputation.  Elite brothels tend to attract more generous clients and will treat their ladies better. Not only will you have a better experience, but your earning potential will increase as well. 

Does the brothel offer a high level of comfort? 

After finding an establishment that has an excellent reputation and is run by female management, you need to check that they will look after you while you’re working. Having a lady’s lounge where you can rest between clients and a designated space for you to get dressed up will make a huge difference to your evening.  

You should make sure that the brothel is well maintained and ideally, it has been custom-built to meet the needs of the business.  As well as a lady’s lounge and make-up rooms, a good brothel will also have ensuite bathrooms and make you feel relaxed, happy and safe.  

Not only will these areas make you more comfortable through the shift, but they also show that the establishment cares for their ladies.  

Before you start working at a brothel, you will go in for an interview with the manager. This is your opportunity to see how hygienic the brothel is.  Remember, a good brothel is a clean brothel.  Use the bathroom while you are there and make sure that it is spotless. 

Ask them about what support they provide 

Always remember that this interview process is just as much for you as it is for the brothel. Take this time to check they’ll be the right brothel for you. The best way to do this is to ask what support they offer for their Service Providers.  

Most high-class brothels, especially female-run establishments, will make sure their ladies settle into the team and make them feel like part of the family.  

Make sure you feel safe and comfortable while you’re there 

A good brothel will have security measures in place that keep everyone working protected 

Ask the management team if they provide a service to all clients. What a good brothel will say is that they don’t allow customers that are too drunk, on drugs, act rude or look ill through their doors. Remember that, like any other legal business, the brothel management has a duty of care for everyone on the premises and safety should be a top priority for them.  


Why Ma Belle Cheri stands out from other Sydney brothels 

As a brothel that is female owned and operated, Ma Belle Cheri takes the time to care for the well-being of our Service Providers. We make sure you’re working in a comfortable and clean environment. 

We want to empower you to achieve your goals, whether it’s to travel the world, buy property, put your kids through a good school or to pay off university.  We’re not just here to manage an establishment but to support you at work and in your home life as well because we’ve been there and we want to make sure that every one has what they need to succeed.  


Give us a call and find out for yourself how much of a difference an elite, female-run brothel that cares for its service providers will make.  

Text Cathy or Kerry on 0488 811 165 , alternatively email  

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